New & Improved! Same Experiment, New Everything Else!

Hello! I always felt I could have made this game better, so now I did. Lots and lots of quality of life improvements, which I hope will make this much more enjoyable.


  • Faster & Cleaner: Optimized to run a lot better! 
    • Might not sound too important for a game like this, but trust me, it feels much nicer
  • Completely redone music!
    • Some songs were extended, some were almost entirely replaced, but I think they all fit the game more than the original ones
  • Rewind
    • Now, you don't have to start over when you mess up right at the end
  • Free Camera
    • You can choose to zoom out to see even more, or zoom back in to the original 8x8 tile view.
  • Revised Ending
    • The general idea of the ending was kept, but with more graphics and sound so it makes more sense
  • Backgrounds
    • They look kinda nice, right? The first person to figure out where I copied the first level background's code from gets free video games
  • Bug Fix
    • You can no longer bust through the roof and fall off the side of the world.

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Mar 27, 2023

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